[B-GRADE] Flick & C.J. double-sided keychain

€ 10,00 (including VAT 21%)
In stock
Product code 67-62
Gross weight 14,00 g
Dimensions (l,w,h) 5,50 x 6 x 0,20 cm

B-grade means that these keychains have some (minor) imperfections and are therefore sold at a discounted rate. In this particular case, these charms contain some small air bubbles in the varnish layer on the C.J. side. These are visible from certain angles and in certain light. 

This double-sided keychain features our favorite bug- and fish experts Flick and C.J.

Made with 100% recycled acrylic, this cute keychain is the perfect gift for someone you love (yourself included!)

These keychains are made to order, meaning you get to pick what type of clasp or keyring works best for you. 

Dimensions: 5.5x6cm (2.15x2.35inches)

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